How To Edit Videos In iMovie


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Rise Storyboard-Editing Videos Using iMovie (Kelemen).pdf

Tools: Google Slides, Canva

Time in development: 2 days

My role: research, scripts, narration, graphic design, storyboard

Client: Editing For Beginners (fictional company)


Context: The (fictional) company has a focus on creating solutions for content creators who are just starting and want to work independently. They communicate these solutions through courses, documentations, and slides. There is a focus on simple designs to limit distractions and enhance retention of information.

Challenges: The (fictional) company realized that more and more individuals are exploring the concept of being content creators. The client wanted an online course that would introduce iMovie video editing skills for novices.

Solutions: This course takes about 15 minutes to complete and can be utilized by members who subscribe to Editing For Beginners. It gives an overview of how to start new projects in iMovie, beginning editing skills, and provides knowledge checks along the way.

Results: The intended outcome of the course is for content creators to follow procedures within iMovie and feel more comfortable with editing their own content.

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