High Fidelity PTA130 Prototype


Scroll down to view the prototype.

Tools: Figma

Time in development: 5 days

My role: format, prototype, graphic design, development, research

Client: Pennsylvania Institute of Technology

Context: One of the selling points at the Pennsylvania Institute of Technology is completing programs in less time than most traditional colleges. Course work is condensed into 11 weeks terms with 4 terms a year. The college recently switched over from the learning management system Moodle to Instructure Canvas.

Challenges: Instructors had basic training in using the learning management system Canvas before starting to implement it throughout the college. Some instructors chose not to use it. Those who did, formatted it and added content they felt was important for the learners. There is no consistency in the formatting from course to course.

Solutions: I reviewed a variety of Canvas courses to research the most common headers, pages, and files that were used. In addition, I went through all the documents and resources that are used in the PTA130 course and created an outline to organize them all. I then built a prototype that included the most pertinent content in addition to being user friendly for the learners and instructor.

Results: This prototype was built from low-fidelity to its final high fidelity version to be used as a course template for the college going forward.

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