PTA130 Plan of Evaluation


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Tools: Microsoft Word

Time in development: 3 days

My role: author, development, research

Client: Pennsylvania Institute of Technology

Context: One of the selling points at the Pennsylvania Institute of Technology is completing programs in less time than most traditional colleges. Course work is condensed into 11 weeks terms with 4 terms a year. Because of this, most courses are extremely lecture heavy with no opportunities for student interaction to ensure all content is covered.

Challenges: The institute had set a college wide goal of increased student engagement and active learning within their virtual, hybrid, and in-person courses. The eLearning department created suggestions to build in more opportunities for student interaction, but they had not been implement yet. We needed a way to assess the effectiveness of the suggestions once they were applied in the course.

Solutions: This document was created to assess suggestions outlined in the needs analysis and Plan of Intervention. It details evaluation methods starting at pre-instruction to post-instruction and formative and summative evaluations.

Results: Evaluation processes within the document have been completed or scheduled to be administered.

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