PTA130 Plan of Intervention


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Tools: Microsoft Word

Time in development: 2 days

My role: author, development, research

Client: Pennsylvania Institute of Technolog

Context: One of the selling points at the Pennsylvania Institute of Technology is completing programs in less time than most traditional colleges. Course work is condensed into 11 weeks terms with 4 terms a year. Because of this, most courses are extremely lecture heavy with no opportunities for student interaction to ensure all content is covered.

Challenges: The institute had set a college wide goal of increasing student engagement and active learning within their virtual, hybrid, and in-person courses. Based on a needs analysis, it was found that PTA130 struggled with student engagement and interactive learning. The course consisted of lecture and assessments with limited opportunities for activities and group work.

Solutions: Giving the instructor the tools and options to integrate active learning in the course was the most important task. They could pick the suggestions that they felt most comfortable with and that could facilitate student engagement.

Results: Using course lectures, I designed a variety of activities, assignments, and discussions questions for each chapter. These suggestions were detailed in a plan of intervention document that the instructor could look to when selecting activities.

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