Highlighting Text In Google Slides

Slide Deck

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Tools: Canva

Time in development: 4 hours

My role: graphic design, development

Client: Educa-tools(fictional company)


Context: The (fictional) company has a focus on creating solutions for educators who want to start implementing different learning tools. They communicate these solutions through documentations and slides. They focus on simple designs to limit distractions and enhance retention of information.

Challenges: The (fictional) company understands that digital instruction is being consistently used as a part of education overall now. The client wanted a slide deck that could be completed at the user's convenience.

Solutions: This slide deck was developed as part of a course. It was created to be a self navigated tutorial that coincided with a larger module on tools available within Google Slides. The focus of this slide deck is how to highlight text and when it's appropriate to use the tool.

Results: This slide deck is simple and easy to read and to navigate. It can be opened and utilized on a variety of devices as needed.

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