iMovie Keyboard Shortcuts


Tools: Canva

Time in development: 6 hours

My role: graphic design, development

Client: Editing For Beginners (fictional company)


Context: The (fictional) company has a focus on creating solutions for content creators who are just starting and want to work independently. They communicate these solutions through courses, documentations, and slides. There is a focus on simple designs to limit distractions and enhance retention of information.

Challenges: The (fictional) company realized that more and more individuals are exploring the concept of being content creators. The client wanted an infographic that could be used as needed after the course was completed by the learner.

Solutions: This infographic was developed as part of a course. This infographic was created to act as a supplemental aid to a course on editing videos. It shares keyboard shortcuts for common editing tasks in iMovie.

Results: This job aid is straightforward and easy to read without distraction. It can be printed or opened on any device for visual reminders of available editing tasks.